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Angela Naeth and Amy Woods - IRACELIKEAGIRL Podcast:

Welcome to the IRaceLikeAGirl Podcast, where a professional triathlete, Angela Naeth, and an age grouper, Amy Woods, talk about all things sport and life. We are here to educate and enlighten, but most importantly, to keep it real.


Apr 2, 2022

In our first conversation with Scott Tindal, sports nutritionist and founder of the Fuelin program,  we take a deep dive into race nutrition and fueling, covering everything from carb amounts for racing and training to sweat testing and sodium intake. Toward the end, we start to get into body image and the female athlete, which is where we intend to begin the next time we talk to Scott.  Some highlights:

  • Scott's background
  • Fuelin’s approach to nutrition and athletes 
  • Carbs and athletes 
  • Planning nutrition for training sessions
  • Using carbs in training and racing and training your gut 
  • Fueling on the bike vs. the run 
  • Possible issues with carbs in the bottle
  • Sweat rate and hydration
  • Salt intake and importance of monitoring how little/how much
  • What the Fuelin program can do for athletes 
  • Female athletes and weight gain issues